Our Staff

We have 7 permanent members of staff who each have a number of key children. Staff will liaise with parents/carers, other settings your child might attend and outside professionals if applicable to support each child’s individual needs. During their time with us each child with have a Learning Journey to include observations, photographs and next steps, parents are free to look at their child’s learning journey at any time.

Each member of staff will share the progress summary of your child’s progress with you at the 2 parents evenings that we hold each year. Our staff are highly qualified with many years of experience in child care, the majority of staff hold a level 3 qualification, the manager holds a level 5 and one member of staff is working towards a foundation degree in early years.

All staff attend training to keep up to date with new policies and procedures to include pediatric first aid and safeguarding competency We have a trained Special Education Needs Coordinator (SENCo) who will support children and their families to ensure each child reaches their full potential.